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David & Caroline Blunck

  • We needed a dependable car and needed it to be affordable. We got more than we expected and sooner than we expected.

Lisa Woolley

  • Thank you for the fast car buying experience. Will definitely purchase again.

Jeff Madsen

  • Mike was quick, no pressure, respectful and to the point. It was almost too easy.

Spencer Malley

  • Mike saved me at least $2,000 on the car I was looking for. When it turned out to have a small dent, he said he would take care of it at no cost to me.

Mackay Merrill

  • We were very skeptical at first, maybe a little cynical. But I can't argue all the happened. Great staff. Great price. Quality product. Passed 45 point inspection by my mechanic with flying colors.

Ronald L. Jensen

  • This is the second time I have enlisted Mike Hallewell's assistance in bidding on a vehicle at the Las Vegas auction. The first time Mike advised that the bidding was too high. The second time was for a different vehicle and Mike was able to get it at an agreed upon price. Simple, expeditious and a great purchase.

Classic Salads - Josh Batistich

  • We have purchased six vehicles from Mike in the past 10+ years and we have put at least 100,000 miles on these vehicles with no problems. We have not gotten a lemon.

Harold Eckert

  • So much better than negotiating all day with a dealership.

LeAnn Walters

  • Mike made the whole process easy and I felt he was honest in his dealing with me. I believe he saved me about 30% on my purchase.

Louise Curo-Nisi

  • I have been purchasing cars from Mike's Auto Shack for nearly 20 years for myself and children. The process is not as complicated as it might appear. I've usually been able to complete the whole process within a week to 3 weeks depending upon our criteria, price and availability of the cars we're interested in. Very easy to work with them.

Dustin Bradley

  • Mike's Auto Shack is not high pressure, yet professional and knowledgeable. I have purchased 2 cars from them. I'm sure more will folllow. I will keep returning.

Trent Lyman

  • Although Mike paid more than we wanted for the vehicle, there was no pressure. He said if we didn't want to pay that much we didn't have to take the vehicle. He sent pictures and after more research I felt good about paying a little extra.

Jeff Blain

  • Second car purchased through Mike's Auto Shack. Very satisfied. Easy to work with. Good experience. Highly recommend.

Tyler Hoskins

  • Mike is quick and professional in his dealings with his customers. He always goes the extra mile and makes sure it is a good experience for all parties.

Cameron Taylor

  • Buying from Mike was great and very easy. I live in Idaho so I took an Allegiant flight for $40 to Vegas. They met me at the airport with my new van which I drove home. Will use again for sure!

Chad Alldredge

  • I had a great experience using Mike to find an affordable, good condition family car. I felt like top priority and the experience was not at all stressful like at regular dealerships.

Kent Wilson

  • Mike did all he could to make sure I got what I wanted.

Rick Morrell

  • Thank you for making our car buying experience a great one!

Bill Gould

  • Smooth, simple car buying experience. No surprises!

Ginger Matkin

  • My purchase was haggle-free, which I love. I got a vehicle I don't think I could have afforded if not for my Mike. Everyone was friendly and easy to work with. I almost can't wait to buy another one!

Jocelyn Jones

  • Mike's Auto Shack was awesome to work with. We told him what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend. He got it quicker and cheaper than we could have ever expected. We will be buying all future cars through Mike! Thanks again so much! This Mama LOVES her new ride!

Mary Ward

  • Service is fabulous--fast--courteous--efficient--knowledgeable

Bryan Gifford

  • Mike is quick and efficient. We were able to save over $4,000 compared to comparable vehicles at other dealerships. Will DEFINITELY use again!

Dorian T. Webb

  • Mike and his team were awesome to work with. My car broke down Tuesday. I contacted them Wednesday. Got a phone call Thursday and purchased a car Friday.

McKinsey Cornelison

  • Purchasing from Mike was the smoothest process! I'm not sure why you'd want to do it any other way.

Kelli Amaral

  • It must be the fastest, friendliest service I have ever had!

Darin Black

  • I've bought a reliable vehicle from an auction before and using Mike's service from out of state made the process easy.

Donald Wilson

  • 4th happy purchase. Always confident in the quality and price I get here at Mike's Auto Shack. We will be back for our next vehicle.

Jeff Prisbrey

  • Overall a good experience.

Paul White

  • I have purchased 6 cars through Mike and all have been great prices and have been great cars, vans and trucks. Thanks Mike for a wonderful experience.

Rebecca J. McDonald

  • I was hesitant about buying a car sight unseen. However, working with the people at Mike's Auto Shack put my fears to rest. They were professional and kind all the way. Love my new/used car. Thanks Mike.

Nancy Morrill

  • Mike is easy to work with and very accommodating. He helped us through the process every step of the way.

Josh Moser

  • Mike and his team were very prompt and thorough and made sure I was getting what I wanted.

Dallis Iverson

  • Great service! Staying within budget. Very friendly. Got me a great car! Thanks, Mike!

Mark & Nicole Oakden

  • We have purchased three vehicles through Mike's Auto Shack. I have referred others who have purchased through him as well. We have had nothing but great experiences purchasing through Mike and will continue to purchase our cars from him in the future.

Shane & Myrissa Terril

  • Mike was super easy to work with. We got a great deal. Mike is very trust-worthy and just a good guy.

Lauren Stanford

  • Mike and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable through the entire process. It went so smoothly! I'd definitely work with them again and would recommend them to my friends and family.

Kathy Allen

  • Easiest car purchase I've ever made. I estimate I saved approximately $4,000 to $5,000. I'll never buy another car any other way!

Kerry Montague

  • Mike's Auto Shack was patient and helped us find the best deal at the best price.

Robert & Patricia Maschke

  • This is our second purchase from Mike. Very pleased and chuckle when we ask retails if they could match your price!

Thomas Vaughn

  • 4th car bought. Will buy again. Nice to not have to deal with car salesmen.

Doug Hunt

  • He was professional and speedy.

Henry Capehart

  • I recommend Mike's Auto Shack to everybody. All that have followed my recommendation have been happy.

Marlell Nielson

  • Transaction exactly as described in advertising. A little delay in finding the right automobile.

Cary Deccio

  • Only way to buy a used car. The process was seamless and Mike is very flexible. Customer service is top shelf!

Mark & Ahnalisse Gubler

  • We love our car! Mike was great to work with and he got us a great deal on a great reliable car!

Lorinda Long

  • I was surprised at the speed Mike was able to find a car for me. It was painless and easy, with no hassle.

Brittany Pincock

  • Mike's Auto Shack was awesome to work with. It's scary buying a car sight-unseen but they made it easy!

Rob Wilkerson

  • Got an amazing 2017 for the price of a 2014!

Unlimited Plumbing

  • Mike's Auto Shack was awesome to deal with! We sure appreciate everything about our experience.

Ben Brown

  • The experience couldn't have been any easier!! Thank you!!

Helen Biggs

  • Fast, good service. Thanks for delivering it to me in Utah!

Steve Burgess

  • Mike followed up on time. Kept his promises and was very straight forward.

James Morris

  • Mike's Auto Shack was great! They were very patient with my wife and I through the car buying process and got us a great deal on a reliable vehicle.

John V.

  • Mike was so helpful with the car purchase and great attention to detail from the staff made the experience a snap. Questions were answered promptly making the whole process remarkably simple. I will be a repeat customer.

Fred Snyder

  • Mike, Thank you very much. This was the easiest car buying experience I have ever done. Looking forward on my next car purchase!!

Jeffrey Carson

  • Fast, friendly service and a super deal on the car I purchased.

James Green

  • Very helpful and polite. Was nerve-wracking not seeing the vehicle before, but turned out to be a great car and saved a ton. Will be using again for sure!! Thank you.

Natilee Allen

  • I've been super impressed with my purchase, the efficiency and the willingness to go out of the way to help me. I would recommend everyone to come to Mike for help finding the perfect vehicle.

David Rasch

  • Buying a car was a fast & easy process. And we were able to get a better deal than what was available at any dealer.

Paul Hatch

  • Best way to buy any vehicle. Best value anywhere.

Linda Ashworth

  • Mike's Auto Shack did a great job and kept me well informed while purchasing the car I wanted. The best thing I can say is they are honest.

William Plumb

  • Mike was a pleasure to work with. The process was very easy and i saved $15,000 off the MSRP for my vehicle.

Richard H. Jackson

  • Third car we have bought through Mike. Service great, cars great, prices great.

Matt Thorley

  • This is a great service and I will recommend it to others.

Wendy Beck

  • Fast, easy, friendly. Got a great deal.

Kelby Olson

  • I was very happy with the whole process and how quickly and easily everything worked out. Thanks.

Leane Williams

  • This was the easiest car purchase I've ever made with the least amount of hassle. It was quick too!

Nathan Jensen

  • Mike gets down to business, is no-nonsense and shoots straight with you.

Roy & Lorraine Solomon

  • Incredibly easy. Overall good experience.

Richard Jackson

  • Great service, great price, great car. Mike's Auto is the only place to buy a used vehicle--even if you are in another state.

Lacey Long

  • After signing up on line, Mike called me the next day to confirm what type of vehicle I was interested in. He was able to find a great car for me that week and have it driven up to me in Utah. The overall car buying experience was quick and painless! Thank you, Mike!

Jacob McRae

  • This is the 7th vehicle I've purchased in the last six years, and it was by far the smoothest and easiest purchase yet. I will only be buying from Mike's Auto Shack from here on out. The service is incredible and I am very pleased with my vehicle.

Pat Sabourin

  • They made sure I was truly happy with my purchase and took care of my impatience and I am grateful. Thank you for everything.

Clark Christensen

  • Mike found us a low mileage 2015 Accord with a stick shift (an almost extinct transmission) at a great price.

Ann Handy

  • We appreciate Mike, his staff and his business ethics. His service in finding the right car at the right price was a great blessing to us. Thank you very much!!

Richard A. Belcher

  • The speed and results of this purchase exceeded my expectations. I love the vehicle and options which Mike described before the auction. Mike went out of his way to help in transporting the car.


  • Mike and his team were very friendly, reliable, and above all, honest as they helped me find a van for the best price. The van is in excellent condition as described and I got it for much less than I would have at a dealership. His team did all the work as well to find the car. They also drove it out to me. I'm extremely happy with their service and I recommend them to anyone else looking to purchase a car.

Royce Webb

  • We were very pleased with our auto purchasing experience with Mike's Auto Shack. Got a good car at a great price. Very happy.

Tylor Striegel

  • I saved thousands and got the exact vehicle I wanted--all without the stress or anxiety of car buying or negotiating.

Morris McDonald

  • Mike was great to work with. He answered all of my questions before I selected vehicles for possible purchase. The one I got is perfect and the price was well within the budget that we set.

Ian Yamane

  • Great customer service. Found a nice car that was below the budget I gave to Mike. It was in great condition and I was able to pick it up on the same day.

Megan Pizarro

  • We were very happy with the buying and purchase process of our Sienna. We felt like we got a good deal on a new family van and look forward to using you again for future purchases. We did discover after purchasing that the van did not come with navigation, which were under the impression that it did, but since that wasn't a must for us, we were mostly ok with that.

Cindy Richards

  • Honest, straightforward, helpful.

Tom Smith

  • Working with Mike's Auto Shack was nothing short of fabulous. They worked fast and efficiently, keeping us in the loop the whole time. Plus, the deals we have gotten every time (this is our 4th car through Mike's Auto Shack) was amazing.

Russ Barlow

  • Thanks Mike! I appreciate your help.

Spencer Patterson

  • Very nice. Sells good reliable cars. Very good customer service.

Kristi Birchett

  • We have purchased 5 vehicles through Mike's Auto Shack for personal and business vehicles. We have been happy every time!

Bob Davis

  • This is our 3rd purchase from Mike and extended family has nearly a dozen to add to that. So easy to do and no pushy sales people!

Nancy Melluish

  • Fast and easy! Best way to buy a car with NO hassle!

Chris Cline

  • The engine was dirty. I was not happy about that. It looked like it had gone to the Baja race event. The car runs well though. It seems to be working out.

Sam Graff

  • Second awesome experience with "THE SHACK"! If you can't buy your Grandma's car, give Mike a call & he will take care of you!!!

Jim & JoAnn Greene

  • It was a great experience with a company and a person that has a high degree of honesty and integrity. They were recommended by three of our married kids. Thanks Mike! Daniel did a great job too!

Joseph Stevenson

  • I am very happy with Mike and his team. They got the truck I wanted at a great price.

Ron Hansen

  • Daniel, George and of course Mike were very helpful and good to work with.

Jessica Higgs

  • The overall experience was excellent. We are very happy with our car.

John T. Kelleher

  • Mike made the process easy, painless and dare I say fun. I obtained a late model Lexus at a great price.

Marni Johansen

  • Mike and his employees have been very easy to get a hold of, very quick to answer questions and settle any issues. I feel like they really cared about me getting the vehicle that best suits my budget and family needs. Thank you!

Dennis & Kallie Scott

  • Mike's Auto Shack was very fast and thorough. We are very pleased with our car and with the price of the car. Mike and his receptionist are friendly and very easy to work with. If you don't want a push salesman then go to Mike. :)

John Kelleher

  • I am extremely pleased with the purchase of my 2014 Lexus GS with a mere 14,000 miles. The car is spectacular and the price was phenomenal. Mike and his staff were a pleasure to work with. The process was smooth, professional, and extremely worthwhile. Why pay huge markups at the dealer when Mike can get you the car you want for so much less. Thank you to Mike's Auto Shack.

McKay Meyer

  • Mike and Daniel were very patient and helped us find a great car.

Trysten Wright

  • Great customer service, speedy and affordable!

Donald Wilson

  • This is our 3rd vehicle and I see NO reason ever to set foot on a dealer lot again! Thanks Mike's Auto Shack!

Rick Morrell

  • Thank you so much for finding this car for us. We love it!

John Blood

  • Mike and his team found the car we desired in a relatively short time.

Stella Garcia

  • Very satisfied with Mike, Daniel and Staff. Very comfortable on how prompt and courteous Mike and Daniel were with the paperwork and purchase of my vehicle. Thank you!

Stanton Widmer

  • Mike was very knowledgeable, efficient and great at closing an excellent deal on the purchase of a beautiful vehicle for our family...a pleasure to work with!

Michael Birchett

  • I have purchased 6 vehicles through Mike's Auto Shack over the years. Every time I get a great vehicle at an awesome price. Thanks Mike!

Norval & RuthAnne Alleman

  • This is the second vehicle we've purchased through Mike's Auto Shack. our experience with our first purchase, a 2014 Chevy Malibu, is the reason we asked Mike to find this latest purchase. I believe that in itself testifies we are very pleased with Mike's service.

Danielle Shillig

  • We just bought our second vehicle purchased through Mike. A great experience and a pleasure to work with!

Danielle Shillig

  • Working with Mike was great! We were able to get a truck that fit our needs and wants perfectly at a great price! Definitely going to Mike next time we need a car.

Kimber and John Pitcher

  • Amazingly fast! I thought it would take at least a month to find what we were looking for and he found it for half of the amount we thought it would be! Fantastic service!

Jessica Bradfield

  • Mike and Daniel were awesome to work with! We just purchased our 2nd car from them and will definitely be back! Thank you guys so much!

Bob Truelsen

  • Bought my first car from Mike recently and I'm thrilled with the purchase. I was a bit apprehensive buying a car sight unseen but Mike's expert advice helped me score a winner. Customer service was top-notch and Barbara was very helpful. I'm actually looking forward to getting another car from Mike. How many times have you heard someone say that about a car dealer? Thanks Mike and your crew.

Brooke Hoffman

  • This is my second vehicle with Mike and I am very happy.

Rachelle Price

  • A great way to save time and money when looking for our car.

Kevin & Laurie Smedley

  • we have bought 4 vehicles with Mike's Auto Shack. We always are appreciative of the service and to be able to get a fairly new vehicle at a good price.

David Smith

  • Very efficient! I liked the price and in Minnesota where rust is a problem, I am happy to get a car from the west!

Marilyn Donohue

  • I will purchase all of my vehicles through Mike's Auto Shack. I purchased my first vehicle through Mike's Auto Shack and I drove it for four years until someone hit it and it was deemed totaled! I received a check from the insurance company for $400 MORE than what I paid Mike four year earlier! Thanks, Mike!

Craig Drummond

  • Highly impressed with the whole process and result. I will be purchasing my future vehicles from Mike's.

Brigham Lindsay

  • Great honest company that strives for customer satisfaction. It's a great business model. Make sure to do research on your vehicle and don't be afraid to be patient.

Dale Galbreath

  • Read testimonies in the Church News. I thought I would try buying through Mike. Good experience. Will buy another when I decide to purchase another vehicle.

Sharmon Bishop

  • I started buying cars through Mike about 15 years ago. I think I have purchased 3 cars from him and I have never had to step foot in a dealership since.. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

    The process with Mike was super easy and pretty relaxing. He does ALL of the work for a pretty small fee. No pressure!!

    He does care about his customers and is shows!

    I'm getting ready to purchase another car through Mike in the near future. I'm just trying to decide what I want. I cant wait! I have NEVER been disappointed with any of my purchases.

David R. Mathews

  • We decided to sell our Buick to our son to help him with his transportation needs. So I contacted Mike and he got back to me within hours and gave me a description of cars available in the price range we wanted. Within 24 hours he had given me a description of a 2014 Toyota Camry. I told him to bid on it. A few hours later, he called and informed me he had purchased our car at less than estimated.

Christian Ruske

  • Thanks for a great car-buying experience!

Lee & Giana Hulet

  • We tell people about our great experience with Mike's Auto Shack. We just purchased our third vehicle.That's evidence of our satisfaction.

Bonnie Jan Wray

  • The whole process was handled quickly and efficiently! The car is awesome and I will definitely be doing business with Mike again.

Andrew Langel

  • This was the 5th car we have purchased through Mike. Our experiences get better every time. In my opinion, there is no better way to buy a car than through Mike's Auto Shack.

    We especially appreciated the ability to register the Pilot on-line instead of having to go stand in line to register the car at the DMV.

Bob & Marilee Neff

  • Car buying can be brutal! This was such a pleasant experience. Much different than any other we've had. Thanks so much!

Ken Jensen

  • I have been 100% satisfied with Mike's service and quality of the past 4 vehicles which I have purchased through him. He followed up after each purchase to ask if I was satisfied with each deal.

Benjamin & Megan Marshall

  • Purchasing through Mike was easy. We told him what we wanted and how much we could pay, and he did the rest. So much better than searching ads or haggling at the dealership!

Eugene Wray

  • No pressure, good contact to assess condition of the vehicle, price within budget, and nice people to deal with.

David Wood

  • It took one phone call on a Tuesday and Friday there was a truck.

Alecia Chandler

  • Mike and his staff made the process very easy. Even though I am from out of town, Mike was very helpful and answered all my questions clearly.

Ray or Lorraine Behunin

  • We were able to purchase exactly what we wanted for half the price of local dealers. Thanks, Mike.

Brad Hammer

  • Mike was good about keeping me updated on potential vehicles that were available. Very easy process. I would have liked to have seen more photos of the vehicles before purchasing.

Phil Miller

  • Mike's Auto Shack did a great job in finding us the vehicle we wanted at the price we desired. I was very pleasantly surprised at how fast they found what we were looking for. They also helped us to get it registered quickly and easily.

Gerald Torgesen

  • This was a very pleasant experience. We knew what we wanted and Mike got it for us. They make it easy to buy a car. Thanks!!

Jeremiah Workman

  • Got a good price on the vehicle. Saved $4,000

Red Rock Center for Independence

  • As a non-profit organization, we need to make wise and careful decisions with our funds. Purchasing a vehicle from Mike's Auto Shack was very wise.

Morgan Bruneel

  • We are very happy with the vehicle we purchased and the price we paid for it. Next time we are in the market for a car, we will use Mike's Auto Shack again.

Denille Ingalls

  • Between Mike's Auto Shack and USAA, this was by far the easiest car-buying experience. We knew exactly what we wanted and Mike made it happen. Thank you!

Shirley DeMille

  • Mike looked until he found the right vehicle at the right price. I am so very happy with my car.

James Allen

  • I appreciate the effort Mike and Barbara went to carry our my needs. Thank you.

Kieth R. Crouch

  • We had a wonderful experience working with Mike and Barbara. They helped us find the vehicle we were looking for at an affordable price.

Linda A. Ross

  • Mike was very honest, brought car to me to look at and drive. And did everything he stated on the phone to find my car.

Rachel Grant Friel

  • I was able to get the exact car I was looking for, for the price that was in my budget. Mike is friendly, honest and has your best interests in mind. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to come back in the future.

Aaron Olson

  • I was a little unsure of what was happening the day of purchase. In the end I was happy though.

Shawn Underwood

  • Pleasant staff and easy to do business with. Buying process was simple and communication was amazing. Will do business with Mike's Auto Shack again.

Larry & Tracey Long

  • Mike's personal honesty and excellent customer service make buying a car a strange delight!!

Katina Anthony

  • Mike's Auto Shack is the only way to buy a car! It is non-intimidating and the van he purchased for us is perfect. Mike and Barbara are great to work with. I will never buy a car from a regular dealership again!

Donald Wilson

  • This is the second vehicle we have bought here. We will always shop with Mike's Auto Shack.

Alex Gibb

  • Can't believe how fast and easy this was! Thank you!

Kent & Marilyn Tibbitts

  • Mike's Auto Shack is amazing! We just bought our 4th car through Mike and we are truly amazed at the price and quality of service every single time. We just keep coming back.

Randy Merrell

  • Not only did we get the vehicle we wanted but Mike delivered it to Salt Lake City. We picked it up at his Mom's house and had the delightful bonus of meeting this wonderful amazing lady.

Kurt Finlayson

  • It was a great experience to buy from the auction! Mike was great and picked a great vehicle. He also helped me get rid of my old one since I was NOT going to drive it back. Thanks!

John Pallett

  • There was a major defect with the first purchase Mike made, but he took care of it fast and found us an even better vehicle at a great price.

Bob Verbic

  • This was my first, but definitely not my last purchase with Mike's Auto Shack.

Aric Turner

  • Was easy to purchase, even from Washington state.

Ron & Cheryl Bernhardt

  • We saved several hundred dollars and found the car we wanted.

Steve & Linda Duckworth

  • The auction fee was higher than expected but overall I was pleased with the process. It was a good deal but not a great deal.

Cami Wilson

  • Everyone at Mike's was so helpful with the whole process of buying a car. I had a great experience!

Peter & Kathy Perazzo

  • Mike allowed me to shop for the best auto possible.

James Kern

  • I have purchased 8 Trucks from Mike over the past 8 years for my fleet. We put a lot of miles on these trucks each year. I have been very happy with the vehicles. It is Mikes integrity that keeps me returning. Great priced, dependable vehicles.
    Thanks Mike!

Ralph Pettit

  • In my dealings with Mike, I see a lot of integrity and a sincere desire to satisfy his customers. It took several weeks to find a car that I am satisfied with at a reasonable price. Thanks Mike!

Joshua Peterson

  • We got a great car for a great price.

Michael Rawlins

  • Mike's Auto Shack exceeded my expectations. They are the only car dealer I need from now on.

Bret & Liz Chidester

  • This is the best car buying experience we have ever had. We purchased a beautiful truck for 30% less than Kelly Blue Book value!!! Thanks Mike!

Monterey Jones

  • My experience with buying a car from Mike was beyond my expectations. In a few hours he got me exactly what I wanted at a great price.

David H. Coombs

  • Mike saved me $5,000 and he got me the car I wanted at the right price. He was easy to work with - a real nice guy.

Bryce Phillipy

  • This is my 4th purchase from Mike. I wouldn't buy a car from anyone, any other way!

Drew Skeen

  • Good service. Car tire light wouldn't go away and needed to take in for repairs, but it's ok. All good.

Jed Vandenberghe

  • It was a little scary working with someone I'd only talked to on the phone, but the vehicle was delivered and we got a good car for a good price. Mike was very easy and good to work with. I'd recommend him to my friends.

Marilee Gallacher

  • This is the BEST car purchase experience we have ever had! Honesty, integrity, and courtesy in a car purchasing transaction are rare--NO PRESSURE! I can truthfully say it was a pleasure! You've got a customer for life! I've already referred you to several family, friends and work associates!

Pamela D. Wilferd

  • Mike's Auto Shack team answered my inquiries quickly. Communicated what vehicles were available. Were realistic in their approach to describe the cars to me via phone. And got a good price acceptable to us. The transaction was quick, not complicated and with no hassles.

Tyson Johnson

  • Honest. Very efficient. A great way to buy a good car, save $$ and avoid the dealership. Thanks Mike and your team!

Lonny & Sheri Snowden

  • Thanks!!

Janeen Runolfson

  • To buy a car sight and unseen is a gamble. Pictures on a website only provide a glimpse. This car had a problem we were unaware of but Mike held to his word that he would see it repaired.

Elaine Pulver

  • I have purchase 2 cars from Mike's Auto Shack and both have been great. I got great deals and Mike chose my cars with great care for the personalities and needs of the person who would be driving the car. He also did not settle for something he wouldn't have wanted to drive himself. This is a great way to get a wonderful deal on a used vehicle! I always recommend Mike's Auto Shack to people who are looking for a used car.

Quin Monson

  • The experience was straightforward and painless from beginning to end. I was skeptical at first, but it was exactly as advertised.

Shad Priest

  • Easy experience and great service.

Katie Dalfonso

  • Mike was very easy to work with. It was a low-pressure sales environment and we were able to find the car I wanted quickly. I'll be coming back and referring friends!!

Ivan C. Brown

  • We were pleased enough to use this service again!

Mike & Kim Hyde

  • We were initially skeptical about buying a vehicle this way. However, a friend in Henderson, Nevada assured me that it is a great way to acquire a new vehicle. Mike was able to buy the vehicle we wanted and we saved thousands in the process. We will recommend that others contact Mike.

Peter & Joy Rasmussen

  • It was the easiest car buying experience I've ever had. And it's a bonus to go to Las Vegas and pick it up. Coming out of Vegas ahead by several $1,000 is pretty cool!

Ed Broadhead

  • Mike was able to acquire the vehicle we requested almost over night and we are very happy with the purchase.

Kevin Groke

  • We love the new car Mike got us. And the paperwork was much better than at a dealership.

Kendall Merkley

  • This was a great experience--painless and low cost. The whole process went smoothly and better than I could possible have imagined.

Paulette Nardella

  • The car runs good and gets great gas mileage. It looks great, very comfortable. Very good service from Mike and would recommend them to others.

J.H. Elison

  • I was especially impressed how you went to the effort to get me the vehicle in the Salt Lake City area via a driver.

George Kershaw

  • I found the experience with Mike as extraordinary as a business transaction. Mike was truthful and extra courteous and helpful. The car was delivered in excellent shape.

Richard and Tanda Owens

  • Great experience working with Mike. Found a great car very quickly at a great price. Only offered cars that were acceptable.

Cindy Larson

  • Working with Mike's Auto Shack was an excellent experience. I was contacted each week at auction time. There was no pressure, just follow through to see if I was interested that week. Within two months, I had my new vehicle. Every person I spoke with in this company was courteous and helpful. I knew what I was getting and the price was fair.

Sophia Cepeda

  • Very happy with my vehicle purchase! Mike's Auto Shack is quick and efficient! Job well done!

Kevin Anderson

  • Friendly, helpful people.

Mona Espinosa

  • This was my first time buying a car and Mike took a lot of the stress out of it for me.

David & Tina Gatherum

  • Everyone I worked with through this process has been incredible and helpful! I spoke to Lee and he was great. Barbara was great to answer questions and so kind, too. Thank you! I'm grateful for your honesty and integrity through this process.

Matt Schriever

  • If you need to buy a car, I'd highly recommend using Mike's Auto Shack. They have a great business plan and are great to work with.

Mark Metge

  • Great experience. I trusted Mike to make a good purchase because of my son-in-law's purchase of two cars. Thanks.

One Nevada Credit Union

  • Professional. Delivered exactly what we were looking for. Very convenient.

Jason Longhurst

  • Mike was very flexible working with us to find the right vehicle and willing to wait for the right price. We refer people frequently. :)

Randy & Sharon Hale

  • Our family has been blessed again with a purchase of another vehicle that we really needed and that we were able to get it at an affordable rate.

    Thank you.

Nathan & Jamie Webster

  • We feel like we got:
    1) a quality vehicle that we hope will last a long time and
    2)paid $3,000 to $5,000 less than if we went to a regular dealership.
    Thanks Mike!

Jean Ashby

  • This is the fourth car I've purchased from Mike over the years. As always I got a great car at an excellent price. No pressure, no games--just an all around great experience!


  • Painless way to buy a car.

Brantly Hatch

  • We had a very fast and easy experience with Mike's Auto Shack. We were satisfied with the help and very happy with our car.

Jill A. O'Neil

  • I was impressed with the professional, uncomplicated ease of my purchase. I recommend Mike's Auto Shack.

Robert & Patricia Maschke

  • Earnest, capable, cheerful folks. Speedy service. Perfect choice. So grateful. Will be back.

G. Kent Mangelson

  • Doing business with Mike at Mike's Auto Shack doesn't get better than this!! P.S. Loved working with Barb & George!

Ryan Smith

  • I figured I saved about $1,500 by going with Mike's Auto Shack, and that's after buying a new set of tires for the Mazda 5! The car was in excellent condition and my wife was also very satisfied with the experience.

Trinett Blake

  • Simple process! Friendly staff! Highly recommend!

Johnny Johnson

  • Quick, easy & painless. Just the way car buying should be.

Chris & Meghan Miera

  • We couldn't be more excited! The vehicle we purchased is in amazing condition. Incredible! Will use Mike's Auto Shack again!!

Levi & Rachel Dartt

  • Purchased 4 other cars through Mike. This by far has been another amazing vehicle. *I LOVE IT.* I have told several other people in Nevada, California and even people here in Dallas about him. Definitely worth purchasing!

Chris Lowry

  • Easy to work with. Also great to work with as far as getting the car. I was picked up at the airport and an hour later was on the road home.

D.J. Simpson

  • I talked with Mike on Thursday and I had a new car on Friday. I picked up the car on Monday. What a car and I saved a ton.

Richard R. Clark

  • Very satisfying way to get a deal on a late model used car. We shopped cars at dealers and on-line. We test drove cars we were interested in. Then we bought through Mike's Auto Shack. We saved $4,000.00 over buying from a dealer or private seller.

Michael & Mary Jane Ricks

  • Mike's Auto Shack was great to work with. We loved that they were not pushy and waited for us to find the car we wanted!

Julieanne & Seth Green

  • Great to get a vehicle at the dealer's price! A REAL no-haggle experience. No car-sharks breathing down your neck! Fast & easy process.

Terry & Cathleen Thomas

  • Our deal through Mike's Auto Shack beat any other comparable price by at least $1,700.00 (and we had done our homework). Mike went out of his way to help us pick up our new vehicle from Idaho Falls! He responded quickly to our calls and inquiries. We would definitely do it again.

Stephen Jaggi

  • Mike's Auto Shack was great to work with. They were professional, friendly and efficient. They got me a vehicle quickly and at a great price. I would recommend them highly.

Paul & Jacqueline Neilson

  • As advertised and a pleasure to work with. Only way to buy a car!!

Nelson Hafen

  • I had a fast, hassle-free experience. Mike got me a car in the price range I was looking for. The picking up of the car took just minutes. A very stress-free way to buy.

Cindy Richards

  • Mike is perceptive. He's able to match the right car with the right price to a person's needs. Great experience & delivered too. Wow!

Kirk Player

  • Mike's Auto Shack made purchasing our vehicle fast and easy. We will definitely use Mike's Auto Shack again and send our friends.

Jared & Jennifer Farish

  • We were really impressed with the professional manner in which we were contacted. We feel like Mike's Auto Shack was prepared to let us know the correct prices and the quality of each vehicle.

Scott Tabish

  • Very pleasant experience. No high pressure. No sales gimmicks. Very up-front and honest. I have already recommended others to Mike.

Mike Hansen

  • We decided to buy a car Thursday night. And on Friday we had a car! Fast, wonderful service. We will definitely come back to Mike again.

Carol L. Caldwell

  • I am thrilled with the look and price of my Acura. It is absolutely perfect.

Janet Schaub

  • I got a very good deal with my Camry. The car was purchased before I could believe it! It's a very good car and Mike can spot a deal! Thanks again!

Remington Atwood

  • Mike was honest with us about what to expect and what we would pay. We love our car and Mike exceeded our expectations in ALL areas.

Lynn & Merrily Despain

  • This was the easiest car we've ever purchased. We bought a 2012 Toyota Camry for $3,817 less than the least expensive available at the time! We're happy with Mike and the way he treated us.

Stanford Richins

  • Initially a friend told us to avoid purchasing a vehicle this way, but when I said it was with Mike, he said that Mike was the one guy he trusted. And he was right! His team found us a great deal.

Justin D. Earl

  • I needed a new car for work, saw a couple that I liked on the auction list, made a few quick calls and 2 days later I was driving home a 'like-new' vehicle for so much less than MSRP, that I felt like i was stealing it!

John & Jean Hampton

  • We are very happy with the vehicle purchased for us and the price we paid. Definitely would do it again!

Brandee & Jon Anderson

  • This car buying experience was the best one to date. We were able to get what we wanted for under the set price we wanted to pay all from 350 miles away without ever leaving the house!!

Justin McEwen, Rock Security

  • Fantastic experience! I have purchased 6 or 7 vehicles now from Mike's Auto Shack and they are fabulous!

Bee Master of Las Vegas

  • Mike took our request with specific packages and we waited until we found it. Mike was patient! This is our 3rd vehicle from Mike's Auto Shack. We keep coming back!

Danielle & Dave Ellis

  • We love our car! Great car, great price!

Evan Ellsworth

  • I received a great car for a great price!

Joel McAllister

  • It has been a great experience. Nothing like dealing with a regular dealership!

Mark Francis

  • Thanks for an easy and satisfying experience.

Kent Homewood

  • We feel we got an excellent deal. We will do this again when we replace our next car. We recommend Mike's Auto Shack to everyone.

Keith Nigbur

  • Mike was very detailed in what was available and what he could deliver. He then over-delivered! I will definitely use him in the future!

Natalie Hafen

  • Mike's Auto Shack worked with us to get our dream car at a price we could afford!

Tracey Long

  • Mike is professional and so pleasant to work with.

Valerie Peck

  • Mike and his co-workers found us a great car right in our price range. It's a better car than we even hoped of owning on such a small budget.

John & Susan Boston

  • This was the easiest car buying experience in 40 years! Great car, great price, great service!

Ron James

  • Good way to buy a vehicle.

Robert Wells

  • Mike did what he said he'd do. He was professional, knowledgeable and very service oriented.

Harry Cieslak

  • The whole business transaction was quick and to the point.

Kirk Coppinger

  • Lost my car on Monday....had a new one at an extremely low price by Friday. Thanks Mike!

Jonathan Kofford

  • This was the 4th car our family has purchased from Mike. He just can't be beat. Best price, best service ANYWHERE!

Cameron Clark

  • Mike makes the whole experience very easy to do. If you're tired of playing games at your local dealership, give Mike a call.

Amanda & Jason Tippetts

  • Mike was great to work with and very accommodating.

Jen Harrington

  • The experience was quick and easy. Thank you.

Ed Jordan

  • We are very happy with our car. Mike saved us a lot of money on a very nice Malibu.

Danny Hunsaker

  • I've known Mike for years and trust everything about him. I would recommend "Mike's Auto Shack" to everyone.

Bret de St Jeor

  • Great service....would buy again!

Corrina Rhodes

  • This was the smoothest, most stress-free car buying experience I have ever had. I will NEVER go back to a dealership. I will only use Mike's Auto Shack for any future car buying. My car was $5,000 to $6,000 cheaper through Mike. Thank you Mike!

Richard Rose

  • I'm not the easiest person to satisfy, so Mike was very patient with me and I could not be any more pleased with my experience.

Robert Blake

  • Mike provides outstanding service and made it about as simple as could be, especially for someone from out-of-state. I did my research and he saved me at least $3,000 on a beautiful car with low miles. That was an incredibly smooth transaction. Thanks, Mike.

John Stevenson

  • Very professional and helpful. I will use Mike again.

Wilbur Frehner

  • Easiest car I have ever purchased.

Tamara Wilking

  • Kyle set me up with you guys and I'm glad he did. I love my car. Thanks for being nice!

Devan & Rachel Wyson

  • Our Civic was a steal!! Thanks to Mike for suggesting it!

Jeff & Brenda Evans

  • We did research on the vehicle we wanted for 6 months. Mike saved us about $6,000 retail. We love our Honda Pilot. Thanks Mike.

Louis & Monta Lindsay

  • This is our 6th car we have bought from Mike. Every one was a great car at a great price! If you go anywhere else, you're giving money away.

Tommy Rero

  • Mike found a Sonata for my daughter in less than a day! The car looks and drives like brand new and still has 40,000 miles left on the warranty!

Heidi & Matthew Frehner

  • Mike had the car we wanted the very day we called him. he was very fast and very nice! Thanks Mike!

Ron Garner

  • We liked the up-front and honest way we were treated. There was no hype or high pressure to buy. Mike was informed about the cars. He knows his stuff!!

Dustin Olenslager

  • Mike was great and the entire experience was easy.

Marla Weaver

  • Mike brought the car to me! You can't ask for any better service than that. Thanks a lot! I am enjoying the car.

Samuel Wittwer

  • They said what they were going to do and provided me with quick, excellent service.

Mike & Deanne Taylor

  • After doing business with Mike at Mike's Auto Shack, we will never go to a regular dealer's lot again. We bought 2 cars from Mike within two weeks!

Samantha Monk

  • The vehicle I purchased from Mike was very reasonable for being a fairly new vehicle. I was also very satisfied with how fast he got my vehicle.

Pamela Watts

  • We were glad to get a vehicle quickly.

Kyle & Rachel Spencer

  • Thanks!

Jose Garin

  • I enjoyed dealing with Mike.

James Seastrand Helping Hands of North Las Vegas

  • Great transaction.

Scott Nash

  • Excellent service.

David Babcock

  • Thanks for the great new Tacoma!

Chris Christenson

  • I bought a Hyundai Sonata on Mike's word that it would be as good as the Camry that I wanted. I took Mike's word for that and bought the car unseen. I am very satisfied.

Justin & Rachel McEwen

  • This is the only way to buy a vehicle!

Peter Horsch

  • Easy way to purchase below market.

Darren Frodsham

  • We had an exceptional experience buying our car from Mike. This is the absolute best way to buy a car. I shopped around for months. When I was ready to buy, I called Mike and in a couple of days I had the car I wanted at a great price that beat anything I could find on the internet or at other dealers. This is our second purchase with Mike and both vehicles exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend this method of car purchase to anyone.

Dustin Olson

  • Mike makes buying a car easy. He always has our best interest in mind. It took a couple of weeks but that's what we needed to find the great deal on the van we were looking for. He got it for $3,000 less than we were willing to pay!

Carol A. Skinner

  • I have bought 5 cars from mike and it was great!! I have never had a problem. I am NOT sitting at a dealership for 10 hours and having them hold my keys! I love buying from Mike. My whole family buys cars from him!

Robert Harker

  • I'm still in total shock regarding the price Mike was able to attain my car for. It was so low I didn't even have to make a down payment. I will use Mike in the future for all of my vehicle purchases. The car is in perfect shape and a dream to drive. Thanks Daniel and Mike!

Jarred Nelson

  • Mike and his team were all wonderful to work with. We were able to find the vehicle we were looking for in only the second week. Mike's Auto Shack provided a buyer friendly atmosphere with wonderful customer service. Mike handled everything through our bank making the process almost stress free. Thank you, Mike's Auto Shack.

Randy & Savanah Arellano

  • WOW! We never thought car-buying could be so fun, quick and easy. As a young couple starting a new family, we needed to find a car that was safe, reliable and affordable. Mike helped us do all that and more! We look forward to using Mike's Auto Shack for all of our car purchases in the future! Thanks Mike!


  • I was really nervous about getting a car. I don't know much about them. I really liked how they not only helped me get a car, but kept me informed every step of the way and gave me opinions based on their experience, letting me in on everything. It was great!

Gayla Eakins

  • After setting up an account online, Mike called within 30 minutes. This was on a Thursday evening. He went to auction on Friday and we had the car by Saturday. It was easy and fast and Mike was fabulous...and we are so HAPPY!

Chuck King

  • I was very pleased with Mike's desire to find us the vehicle type we chose. he kept in touch with us every step along the way. We got the very vehicle we wanted and at a great price.

Pamela Shapiro

  • Mike is probably one of the most honest and ethical business men I have dealt with. His success and word means everything. He does what he says he will do and delivers on time and with what I wanted. Thank you! It was a great experience.

Jack & Jeanetta Slusher

  • I can't believe how fast we got the car we asked for. Lower mileage than we asked for also. The price was well below our limit. Mike is unbelievable!

Anne Ebert

  • Great service! Helped me make a great decision.

Daryl L. Mangum

  • I have bought two cars from Mike. The two experiences were excellent. I was kept well informed all along the process.

Kaycee & Stuart Fillmore

  • Mike is awesome! He helped us decide on a vehicle. Found the right one fast and got the most amazing deal for us! Thank you Mike. We'll be back!

Jennifer Medsker

  • Honest. Efficient. Great deals. Would definitely use Mike's Auto Shack again!

Louise Curo-Nisi

  • Many thanks to you & your staff. I've been driving the Sonata you purchased for me for about 3 weeks now & it's just a super car. I appreciate the service you provide.

Gib Hull

  • Mike is sharp in finding autos. He knows what the client wants. He is fair and honest in transactions.

James Pendleton

  • I had seen both family and friends get great deals from Mike before I used his services, so I came with high expectations.Mike exceeded THEM ALL. He got me a screaming good deal. Thanks Mike.

Dave Disabato

  • It's a nice SUV. The process moves very fast. Thank you, Mike.

Julie Brown

  • We were amazed at the speed with which we were taken care. Our daughter was in an accident that totaled our car on a Friday and we were driving home our new car on the following Friday.

Alison Kowalski

  • Fast, easy & hassle free!

Jeremy Longo

  • I found the car I wanted quickly. I got the price I wanted and I was driving it the next day. I love my car!

Diana Mendez

  • Amazing response to my initial inquiry. Mike extended me every courtesy.

David Hansen

  • We needed a suburban with 9 seats. Mike kept working for over a month to find us just what we needed. We appreciate all the time & effort he put in for us. This is our third car through Mike.

Jasmine Talbot

  • I never expected to be able to find such a great car and pretty much name my price on it and get it! It was worth the drive from Utah County to Las Vegas.

Erin Short

  • Mike not only helps find you the right car at the right price, but also makes you feel like he will help you anytime you need him after you leave his place.

Lenny Jones

  • It was smooth, painless and he is very fair to work with. Thanks, Mike.

Tom Boice

  • We've purchased 3 vehicles through Mike's Auto Shack and are always glad we did.

Mary Ward

  • Mike turned a "dreaded" car buying experience into a pleasurable one! I'm 76 and have NEVER had such an awesome, easy, pleasurable car purchase. I will always buy from Mike & refer friends & family.

Robert O. "Bob" Davis

  • What a no-hassle, money-saving way to buy a used car. Our extended family has purchased several cars from Mike.

Auna S. Zehri

  • Thanks to Mike, my very first car purchase in my life was easy, affordable and a pleasurable experience!

Tom & Denise Savidge

  • Great way to buy a quality car. Saves time and money. Thanks, Mike.

Keith & Martha Holm

  • Very smart not to have overhead and pass the savings on to the customer!

Mitch Terry

  • Thanks!

Shane L. Glenn

  • Mike's experience really paid off when buying our car.

Scott Mendoza, Arbor Pest Control

  • Quick and efficient. Thanks to Mike and all.

Sam Castor

  • Mike's Auto Shack is the real deal! I'll never buy another car unless through him!

Layne Ashby

  • Mike helped us find just what we needed.

Randall Gremlich

  • This is a very convenient and efficient way to buy a car. I love it!

Anthony Russo

  • I got more car than I expected for the price!

Alexandrea Striegel

  • This is the 2nd vehicle I have purchased through Mike's Auto Shack. I would never trust any other 'car dealership' or 'salesman' to sell me or my family a vehicle! He's the only real honest salesman!

Lori Bushnell

  • The car is clean, passed inspection & got a clean bill of health! The price was very good.

Jessica Gregory

  • Mike is personable, efficient and trustworthy. Thanks!

Kristi Pikyavit

  • This is simply the BEST way to buy a vehicle. You are totally in control. You are not being shoved into a vehicle you may not want. That is what you feel like at a dealership!

Kylie Durham

  • Mike was very professional and really willing to help me feel satisfied with my purchase. I felt like I could trust him.

Clint Lyon

  • Mike helped me achieve the dream car I've always wanted, and it was quick and easy. Thank you so much :)

Dale Calder

  • This is my 3rd vehicle I have purchased from Mike's Auto Shack. I have been very pleased with each one and have had instant equity on the value of the vehicles.

Katie Pellegrino

  • I am thankful we discovered Mike's Auto SHack. We looked for a used car for months, then we found your place and had a car in less than a week!

Aersta Acerson

  • It was great! We got the car fast & I appreciated that Mike called & gave his impression of teh car. It made not seeing the car much less scary!

Duane Mattox

  • This is my second purchase through Mike's Auto Shack. i've been extremely pleased with both vehicles.

Kent Miles

  • Mike got us what we wanted at a great price & was able to find it quickly. It was well worth the price we paid to come from Salt Lake City to save so much. Thanks for a great experience!

Bryn Oslopas

  • Was really a great way to buy a car. It was really great to have the pressure off me.

Michelle Gibbons

  • Having Mike go through the process of purchasing a car of my choosing was a 100 percent positive experience. I will never buy directly from a dealer ever again. Awesome!!

Mark Zimmerman

  • In and out...no hassles. He kept me posted on vehicles and prices throughout the phone calls, texts and emails. Straight up business without ANY headaches. Thanks, Mike!

Mike Cutler

  • We were very pleased with the speed that Mike got our car. He warned us that we would love it...and we do!

Virginia Crowder

  • I couldn't believe how fast it all went. I gave a bid that was probably too low and it was accepted! I was ecstatic!

Annie Vlach

  • Mike's Auto Shack is a business that incorporated friendliness, efficiency and a desire to help find the car you want. We will use them again and again!

Casy & Athena Janosik

  • As long as Mike is in business, we will never buy a car from anywhere else!

Joe Collins

  • Mike knows cars! He found my daughter an excellent buy for her first car.

Lora & Blaine Halford

  • We were very pleased with the service and the price that we paid. There was no pressure to buy. The secretary was very helpful.

Debra Underwood

  • We would not hesitate to seek Mike's Auto Shack assistance for future purchases.

Morgan Robertson

  • For my first time every buying a car, this was the most painless experience I could have hoped for!

    Thanks Mike and George!

Steve Little

  • Very easy. It is the only way to buy a car.

Laurie Barkemeyer

  • Mike got the best possible deal I could imagine on precisely, exactly what I wanted--and then some!!

Wally Marsden

  • I really like the honest, personal experience we received from Mike. Everything was as expected--no surprises!

Debbie Mulholland

  • We are thrilled with the help we received finding a minivan quickly, before our 3rd child was due to be born.

    Mike's Auto Shack staff were great and helped every step of the way.

Julian Ramos

  • Mike is honest and does everything he can to make sure the customer has a good experience.

Autumn Wilkins

  • I was very happy with how fast and easy this process was. Mike and his secretary were very polite and patient with me.

Cecile Waite

  • I have never experienced a more pleasant and accommodating auto dealer than I have had with Mike.

    I'm just sorry I didn't find him sooner.

Rob Simpson

  • Quick, easy and worth every penny!

Justin Tobler

  • The auction is the way to go for any used cars, trucks etc. You will pay thousands more at the dealer! I Could not be more pleased with my experience buying with mike at the auction!

Jim and Jennifer Farnes

  • We have purchased 2 cars for our family, and we bought another car for my out-of-state in-laws. We have all been very pleased, and we will return to Mike for all of our auto needs!

Kristi Birchett

  • I love my little car! It is just what I was looking for and at a much better price than other dealerships I looked at.

Doug Varner

  • It was short, sweet and painless. Thank you!

Neil & Lara Heiselbetz

  • We loved our interaction with Mike, he was efficient and easy to work with! We love our van and the price we paid! We look forward to working with Mike in the future!

Steve & Margaret Conger

  • Working with Mike is a very positive and easy experience. This is our 3rd time purchasing through him and they have all been great vehicles. We were able to get a van for the price we wanted.

Lois Chatfield

  • I was treated with respect. Very satisfied.

Danna Duncan

  • This is a great way to purchase a car, no pushy salespeople or pressure. Everyone wins!

Tracy Truman

  • I was very heppy with the entire transaction and would recommend Mike’s service to anyone.

Donald & Linda Lowder

  • Mike was very helpful. The car is excellent and the transaction was easy.

Spencer Colvin

  • Great cars for affordable prices. As a newly wed, this was the ideal place for me!

Michael Struthers

  • I was very impressed with how quickly Mike was able to find just the car I wanted. It was even less than I was expecting to pay! I’ll be back for sure!

April Fife

  • We have loved working with Mike. He has really helped us find the perfect car for us. He is honest and willing to go the extra mile to help his customers. He is great and gets amazing deals!

Jon Thornham

  • This is the third vehicle I have bought from Mike. Time after time they are quick, courteous, honest and great people to deal with. The prices are great and so are the cars. I will be getting number 4 soon!

Elizabeth & Curtis Abasta

  • Fast, honest, best deal around. Gave us our dream car!

Robert & Sarah Grove

  • Mike and his staff were very friendly and helpful and the car was like new too!!

Chad Tobler

  • Thanks Mike for all the help. Love the vehicle. See you next time!

Shad Rollo

  • From start to finish the whole experience was very fast and easy. With Mikes experience and knowledge of the vehicles it made our choice easy. No second guessing.

Richard Covey

  • We were very pleased with Mike and his service in helping us find the perfect car. We would definately do it again.

Stephen Jenkins

  • We called Mike on a Thursday evening and he was able to get our car the very next morning. We paid one third less than what a local dealer was asking and the car was immaculate!

Nelson Moon

  • Mike found me the car I was looking for with low miles at a fair price. The car runs great and gets good mileage for a jeep.

R. Wenger

  • We just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your help in purchasing our minivan. It was a great relief to buy from you again! We are absolutely thrilled with the car! And of course, the deal! Thank you again!

Judith & Saul Sherman

  • This is the only way I ever want to buy a car. Great Value!

Charles Floyd

  • Great transaction! The car is great…I love it!

John Walters

  • Effortless and pain free. Make selections from the website, email them to Mike with price caps and then wait for the phone to ring! As advertized, a real A plus!!

Clark Garner

  • Working with Mikes Auto Shack was a great experience. He was able to find the car I was looking for quickly and at a great price. I will never use a traditional dealership again.

Charles Stigger

  • The price was phenomenal. Mike and Scott were both great on the followup and they got me exactly what I wanted for the best price. The paperwork was so easy. I would highly recommend anyone to them.

Carolyn Wheeler

  • Great car, fantastic price, fast and friendly service! Will definately come back for my next car and recommend you to all of my friends!

Devan & Rachel Wyson

  • Our Civic was a steal! Thanks to Mike for suggesting it!

Evangeline Chen

  • This was the most pleasant car buying experience! No salesman harrassment. No wasted time. Scott was courteous and most helpful. I definately will recommend you to everyone!

Karl Wolff

  • Bought an 08 Chevy Impala Quick and Painless!

Martha OBrien

  • It is a good way to get a great car for the right price. No one wants to pay retail!

Kyle & Sherri Walton

  • We love our car! It can practically drive itself. We wanted a luxury car but did not want to pay the price. We got this 2 year old car for half the price it costs new.

Kyle & Nicole Kimzey

  • We got the best deal on the planet! Mike was great to work with. Buying a car from Mike made car buying fun!

Alayna & Mont Winder

  • This Spring, we bought our 3rd vehicle from Mike! The Credit Union could not even beleive the great price we got our Santa Fe for! Thanks Mike!

Dick & Diane Freebairn

  • Mike was able to get us a beautiful 2005 Odyssey for $7000 less than the dealer in our area. We are loving this car!

Darla McCarver

  • I purchased a car a year ago from Mike and was really pleased. When my car was totalled, I went to Mike for another and was not disappointed.

R. Beau LeClaire

  • Thanks for picking up the van for us. We appreciate how easy it was and the price we paid. You even delivered it to us! We will be referring our family and friends!

Daniel Ellis

  • Buying a car with Mike was fast and easy. I got a good reliable car for a good price.

Kevin Kaldy

  • Great Customer Service! Mike and staff were polite and helpful. Will be back!

Jasmin Dodson

  • Fast, knowledgeable and friendly service. As long as Mikes is around, I will never to another dealer!

Levi & Rachel Dartt

  • I have purchased several cars from Mike. This time was my husbands first time. It was so easy and simple. My husband was amazed at what we were able to get in the price range we were looking!

Randy Russon

  • Very professional, honest dealership. Very helpful and willing to deal with special circumstances surrounding my purchase.

Stephanie Meagher

  • Mike has made it possible for me to purchase 2 vehicles totaling 5 for my family. I know that Mike is honest and he only wants the best for his customers. His trust is a trait that other agents usually do not have.

Shawn Beard

  • This was the smoothest car buying experience I have ever had. That is hard to come by with a lot of dealers out there.

Richard DeMarko-Brown Jr.

  • This is my third vehicle from Mikes Auto Shack and I am happy every time. Thank you Mike and the Shack Team for all of your help!

Tamara Wilking

  • My friend Kyle set me up with you guys and I am glad he did. I love my car! It is so sexy! Thanks for being nice!

Jeff & Kristi Pikyavit

  • Quick, easy and painless!

Katie & Ken Craig

  • We worked directly with Scott, Mikes associate, and were very impressed with him. He walked us through the entire process.

Alfredo Saliva Jr.

  • We told Mike about what kind of car we needed and could afford. Mike kept us posted even during the auction. We were well informed. Thank you again, Mike.

Murray A. Chunn

  • Mike found the vehicle I wanted within days of our initial contact. My family loves it! Thanks a ton Mike! We will use you for all our vehicle purchases in the future!

Robert C. Graham

  • Mike was very helpful to our firm in the sale of a clients vehicle and the purchase of another one. Mike is very knowledgeable and his staff is very professional.

Lynda Jensen

  • You are the best-the only place to go!

Clair & Betty Christian

  • We recently purchased an 06 Chevy Colorado from Mike for nearly $2000 under the low blue book! We have been very satisfied with our experience with Mike and his staff.

Sandra Taylor

  • A most pleasant experience from start to finish. Mike and his staff are great! Try them, you will like them!

Giovanni & Kirstin Espinoza

  • This is our second purchase from Mike. We have known him and his family for years. He is an honest, hard working man and as long as he is in business we will continue to go through him as well as refer our family and friends. Thanks!

Melissa Stratton

  • I am very satisfied with my purchase through Mikes Auto Shack. They were able to get me an amazing vehicle for what I could pay. I have already recommended you to a multitude of people.

Steve & Amy Hicks

  • We are definitely recommending Mikes Auto Shack to our family and friends. We could not have gotten a better price anywhere. Mike really went the extra mile for us. Thank you.

Dennis Rich

  • Thank you very much. Great Car, Great Job!

Frank Quatrino

  • I have been looking for a vehicle for a month and I was fed up with the dealers in this town! I decided to call Mike and in just a week had a vehicle for about a $6000 savings! Thank you!

Francis G. & Mary W. Hill

  • Dealing with Mike and his team was a pleasure. They kept us up to date on available vehicles and did everything they could to get just the right car!

Jerry & Sarah Ewell

  • We were amazed at the incredible deal Mike got us. He was great to work with too. He got us an 05 Kia Sedona for $6900! Wow!

Lynn Engberson

  • To all it may concern. Mike is truly a great guy! He sold me my best vehicle ever at a fantastic price!

Vanessa Warriner

  • I called Mike and told him what I was looking for and he found exactly what I wanted. I love my “new” Honda Civic!

Virginia Littlefield

  • Mikes Auto Shack is the only way to purchase a vehicle that will satisfy anyones needs! He is the most honest dealer you will ever deal with!

Annette Hardy

  • It was such a relief to NOT have the pressure of a dealership to hassle with!

Valene Stannard

  • Never easier to buy a car. Mike is so good!

Tina Fisher

  • I wasnt planning on buying a 2007 model, but when Mike was able to save me $5000 it was the best thing I did! Thanks Mike!

Maria Stosich

  • I didnt think car buying could be so easy! I told Mikes Auto Shack what I was looking for. They researched the cars, came back to me with my options. They personally checked the condition of vehicles and kept me in the loop the entire time. I paid $7000 less than what the car was actually worth. I would do it all over again!

Sam Simmons

  • I would recommend Mikes Auto Shack to everyone. The professionalism and first class customer service is second to no one!!

Justin & Rachel McEwen

  • This is the only way to buy a vehicle!!

Vasu Jolly

  • It was a pleasure knowing Mike and doing business with him. We felt he was open clear and prompt.

Cindy Nardi-Gessner

  • My experience with Mike was unusual. I live in Ohio and found a car in Denver. I tried to buy it from a dealer, but they wanted too much. I knew it was going to an auction. I chased it from SLC to Las Vegas and found Mikes website and called. I did not know Mike and he did not know me, but I trusted him. We were able to buy it at a good price and I am very happy with it and with Mikes Auto Shack. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks Mike!

Ron & Sherri Worthen

  • We have purchased 3 cars from Mike already and have been extremely happy with them!

Greg & Allison Olson

  • Mike was able to find the right color, make, model and mileage we wanted within 24 hours of our conversation. The price was considerably less than Blue Book. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Easton & Juana Blackburn

  • We were pleased with Mike finding the car we were looking for. It took just two weeks, was in our price range, and better yet, it was a later model car than we expected to get for the price.

Theodore D. Peters

  • My initial reaction was “it is too good to be true!” This, however, is not the case. Mike is good and his sales are true! I recommend anyone to check him out!

Marisa Musso

  • Mike was honest and professional. Great Service!

Thomas and Tarea Madsen

  • We were very happy with how quickly and efficiently we were able to get our car! Mike was so willing to help us out!

Robert Morley

  • Great transaction, great service and the best price!

Lawrence Phillipy

  • We were rearended and our car was totalled on 8/18/07. We were able to replace it with Mike with an 07 Sonata SE for only $13,330. It was well under the Kelly Blue Book price. I drove the car home to Washington State and am very happy with the service. I will refer any of my family and friends to Mikes Auto Shack.

Jonathan and Stephanie Johnson

  • Mike was very friendly and honest. Mike made our purchasing experience run very smooth.

Arlen Chamberlain

  • The RAV4 is the second car we have purchased from Mike. My experience was awesome and was $3400 under Blue Book! Thanks again Mike. You know I will continue to go through you and keep passing info on to friends and family.

Bob and Carol Petersen

  • Very rewarding to have the stress of buying a new vehicle taken away by dealing with Mikes Auto Shack. Even a better vehicle than we were expecting-We have passed your card and name to several friends!

Megan Brown

  • We thought we would never be able to afford a van for our family but found a great deal through Mikes Auto Shack!

Brenda Bishop

  • I appreciated the promptness in getting our vehicle and the recommendation that Mike offered us in the selection of which model for the best value.

Paula Peters

  • It was great being able to get such a nice car in less than a week! It was even better that I saved $2000-$3000 on it and it only had 3300 miles!

Josh and Jody Moser

  • Mikes Auto Shack was a huge help for us. We loved how efficient and quick the process went. The staff was so kind and helpful and our whole experience was great!

Michael Plemons

  • Purchasing a vehicle through Mikes Auto Shack was the easiest, cheapest, and most stress-free experience ever! Thank you for all your help.

Rachel Clarke

  • The convenience of buying a car took all the stresses away. I told him what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend and I drove away with a car the next day.

Cynthia Gemmell

  • Quick, Pleasant, and Proficient! Thanks to Mike and the Staff! Excellent Job

Bonnie Bailey

  • We were looking for a van and Mike got a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport for only $6,700! We love it!

Eric Kron

  • We got a 2007 Element for $4000 less than retail price! How fantastic is that? Mike gets you what you want quickly!

Bruce Bennion

  • Mike is brisk and honest and forthright in his dealings. He makes buying a car easy.

Camilla Parshall

  • I was amazed at how quickly Mike found my car. He stole it at a great price and I could not be happier.

Darrel Clark

  • Extremely satisfied with the vehicle. This is our second purchase and we saved over five thousand on each vehicle purchased through Mike. We will return again and again.

Sam & Judy Tolman

  • This is the second car we bought from Mike and we could not be happier. Thanks Mike

Matthew & Heidi Frehner

  • Mike had the car we wanted the day we called him. He was very fast and very nice. Thanks Mike.

Ron Garner

  • We liked the up front and honest way we were treated. There was no hype and high pressure to buy. Mike was informative about the cars. He knows his stuff.

Angelina Singh

  • We have bought four cars with Mike. We could not be happier with our experience with them.

Mike Cutler

  • I have bought cars on many occasions. Most of the time when I leave the dealer I have felt like some one had just run over me and the great price I thought I had negoiated has increased a few thousand dollars. Not so with Mike. This has been the best car buying experience I have had. I will be back.

Jessica Barnett

  • This was the perfect way for me to buy a new car. The entire process was simple and convenient. I would not have done it any other way.

Scott Gardner

  • I thought that I had perfected the art of haggling car dealers to get the best deal possible. It was nice not having to use my skill to get the best price. It was definately the best car experience I have ever had.

Jim Henson

  • The vehicle turned out to be more than what I was expecting. I was shopping for a Chevy quality car and got a Cadillac quality.

Daedre & Kurt Beaumont

  • We are excited about our vehicle purchase. We got a great deal. Thank you. We are very satisfied and look forward to more purchases in the future.

Elana Sweet

  • I am very happy with our purchase. It was very painless, quick and easy. The easiest car I have ever bought. Mike was great.

Ryan Ringger

  • I had been shopping around at dealerships for months unable to find my car for the right price. I got the car I wanted with one third the miles and a model two years newer for $3,000.00 below low book.

Lynn Stewart

  • Buying an automobile from Mike is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to buy a vehicle.

Duane Mattox

  • Mike used his judgement and knowledge to helped me find the exact vehicle I was looking for.

Eric Hansen

  • Buying a car from Mike was a great experience. He got me the car I asked for at a price that was way under blue book. His service was fast, friendly and efficient. I would buy from him again.

Natalie Day

  • We needed a van for our three children under the age of one!!! We needed it because our car seats would not fit in our four door car. Mike was fast, affordable and got us just what we wanted.

Shane Lamb

  • From beginning to end, it was a good experience.

Josh Osterhout

  • Mike did an amazing job. He is very fast and gets GREAT deals on vehicles. He is very through!!

Donna J. Smith

  • I am a 71 year old woman. I was widowed seven years ago. My husband had asked my daughter in law to find me a good car. It took her seven years to convince me I needed one. She called Mike and the next week I had my car!!!

Branson D. Pease

  • It was good. Mike was very up front. No catch or tricks to deal with. Just a good, honest salesman.

Thomas & Julie Smith

  • This is the third vehicle we have purchased from Mike. This is simply the best experience we have ever had purchasing a vehicle. Thank-you for your kindness, professionalism and GREAT service.

Ron & Shauna Ruske

  • We had to drive down from Salt Lake City to pick up our new van. When we returned, I took the van to a local Dodge dealer to purchase an extra key. When I told the guy at the dealer what we paid for the van he told me that I stole that van! That made it all worth it. Trust me Mike, I have been doing my own referrals.

Tommy Reno

  • Mike found a 2005 Hyundai Sonata for my daughter in less than a day! The car looks and drives like brand new, and still has 40,000 miles left on the factory warranty. Thanks Mike!

Danny Hunsaker

  • I have known Mike for years and trust everything about him. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Ed Jorday

  • We are VERY happy with our car. Mike saved us a lot of money on a very nice Malibu Classic.

Jen Harrington

  • The experience was quick and easy. Thank-you.

Jason & Amanda Tippetts

  • Mike was great to work with and very accommodating.

Cameron Clark

  • Mike makes the whole experience very easy to do. If you are tired of playing games at the local dealership, give Mike a call.

Steve & Connie Meagher

  • We bought a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. After doing the research on the car, visiting local auto dealers to examine vehicle types, we knew what we wanted and the price range. Mike called us from the auction and descirbed each vehicle. He bought our first choice (we had four to choose from). He knew our bidding limits on the cars and saved us $4,500.00 off the lowest dealer quote!!! Thank-you for a beautiful car.

Bob & Myra Martindale

  • We have been buying our cars from Mike for a lot of years now. We are completely satisfied with our vehicles. The service is GREAT!

John Montgomery

  • This is car number two from Mike. Whole experience was great again. Great car, great price, easy. I could not find a comparable vehicle for $2,000.00 more anywhere.

Amber Poulos

  • I was weary of buying an auto like this at first. But a good friend bought two cars from Mike and was very pleased. I am really glad I used Mike. We got a GREAT deal and the experience was very pleasent.

David & Becky Parry

  • He got a GREAT car at a GREAT price. It was painless too. No high pressure salesman or running around from dealer to dealer. We will not go any other way now.

Geri Rosequist

  • I LOVE my Highlander. I did not think that I could ever afford a vehicle like this. But, with Mike I could. Thank-you, thank-you.

Marrae Brunner

  • It was nice not to go hunting car lots and newspaper ads. It was also nice to know I was getting the best deal possible.

Kris James

  • We have had very positive experiences through our purchases here. We appreciate the straight forward interaction and knowing that we got the honest and best price. We have passed out your cards.

Kent & Marilyn Tibbitts

  • We got an amazing deal on our car and Mike and his staff were very helpful and easy to talk to. Thank you SO much for our car. It is even better than we ever thought.

Linda Sargeant

  • Mike found just what we were looking for, and he did all the work. Thanks Mike.

Richard Lindeman

  • We had saved up for quite awhile to purchase a mini van. We also did quite a bit of research to find out what we could afford. We were THRILLED you were able to get us FAR MORE mini van than we thought possible for what we had saved for. THANKS.

Randall Larson

  • Mike not only found me the car I wanted but got a GREAT deal on it. He was always honest, up front, and friendly. I will send people I know that are looking for a car to Mike.

Sherri Worthen

  • I love the fact that you do not have to play the games like when you go to a dealer.

Garth & Jamie Braithwaite

  • I have had a one hundred percent positive experience with Mike. We were in the middle of purchasing a home and Mike was able to hold our car for us until our house loan funded.

Pete Atkinson, CEO Black Mt. Comm. Bank

  • My own family has purchased three vehicles from Mike and have been VERY happy with both the prices and the service. I recommend him to our customers with confidence.

Doug & Margie Seastrand

  • I would recommend him to anyone.

Paul & Dorthy Winder

  • We purchased a car from Mike and feel we got an excellent deal with a professional, friendly and stress-free transaction.

Gary Goaslind

  • I purchased a vehicle from Mike and was totally satisfied and happy.

Sam Aston

  • I feel I got an outstanding value on the almost new automobile I purchased from Mike. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to save serious money on an automobile purchase.

Jim Leavitt, owner of Leavitts Auto Care

  • I would recommend anyone to buy from Mike.

Jim Howard, CEO, Bank of Las Vegas

  • We have referred many customers to Mike. All of them have been happy with both the prices they have paid and the service they have received from Mike. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in a GREAT deal on a like new automobile.

Kent Rhees, Former Credit Union CEO

  • We have done business with Mike for several years and he has always kept his word to us and treated our members well. In return, our members have been happy with his excellent prices and we have never known anyone to be dissatisfied with his services.

Diane Whitaker, Former Credit Union CEO

  • We have done business with Mike for several years and I recommend his service to our members who are looking to purchase a vehicle in an easy, hassle free manner. Our members have always been satisfied.

Tony Mook, Former Credit Union CEO

  • Our members have been very happy with Mike. I would feel comfortable recommending him and his services to anyone!
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