How long will it take you to find the car I want?

Keep in mind that the Greater Nevada Auto Auction is one of the largest auctions on the West coast! They sell between two and three thousand vehicles a week!!! Unless you want something that is VERY odd, I can usually get what you want the first week!

      How much can I expect to pay for the vehicle I want?

That of course depends on what type of auto you want. The more desirable the vehicle, such as a Honda or Toyota, the more you will pay closer to the Kelley Blue Book price. If you want one that is not as popular, such as a Ford or Chevy, it will be less.

      Do I need to have the money up front, or can I finance the automobile I want?

I am a licensed, insured and bonded automobile dealer. We will work with ANY financial institution of your choosing. You just need to tell us who it is you want to finance through and their phone number. We will call them and do ALL the paper work.

      When can we pick up the vehicle we buy?

In most cases you can get it the same day I buy it, Friday. Unless there is a glich in your financing we want you to have it in your hands as soon as possible. The large percentage of buyers get the car the same day we buy it.

      What if there is a mechanical problem with the vehicle we buy?

If the automobile is less than three years old and has less than 36,000 miles on it, there is a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY on it. If it is above those numbers it is just like buying it at ANY other dealer, the factory warranty has expired. It is "as is".

      How much do you charge for your service?

If I am successful and buy the car we agree on at or below the price you have chosen, you owe me *$699.00 for my work (High end autos such as BMW's, a Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, etc. are $1,000.00), plus the price I paid for the auto from the auction and Doc and Title fees. If I am not successful at purchasing it, it does not cost you a dime!!! It is a "NO LOSE" situation for you.

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