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Company History — Our Family Mini Van

In 1988 my wife Nancy and I bought a brand new mini van. It was rather expensive, and we were determined to make it last as long as we could. We had a goal of making it last for ten years. After the payments were paid at the end of four years, I decided that since I'd been paying just over 300.00 a month for the previous four years, I may as well continue to do that since I had become accustomed to paying that much per month for the years we had been paying for the van. Since the van was paid for, instead of paying that monthly amount to a finance company, I put it in a savings account. That way in a few years I'd have enough money saved to pay cash when we went to purchase another automobile. We did just that, and at the end of just over five more years we had managed to save over $20,000.00, with the interest that was accumulated on the savings. Somewhere in between the ninth and tenth year, it was time to start looking for a new car again. My wife Nancy wanted a new Suburban. I had over twenty thousand dollars at that point and thought "yes, this time I'm paying cash for what ever car she wants!" Yes, I know, those of you that have a basic understanding of auto prices are laughing right now because you realize what I did not know then, and that was that twenty thousand dollars for a new Suburban is only a nice down payment!!!

Being ignorant of what auto prices were at that time, we set out looking for a new Suburban. We found a nice one at the local Chevy dealer that was everything that we wanted. It has leather interior, front and rear air conditioning, an AM/FM cassette and CD player in the dashboard. It was LOADED. I'm talking it had power windows, mirrors, locks and seat. It had cruise control, tilt wheel, luggage rack, tow package, tinted windows, LOADED, LOADED, LOADED!!! Unfortunately so was the PRICE!!! You can imagine the look on my face when I asked them the price and the dealer told me $38,000.00!!! "Thirty eight thousand dollars" I gasp?!!! When I got up off of the floor, we excused ourselves and left!!! I could not believe that people were actually paying that much for a bunch of metal, plastic, glass and rubber!!!

The Idea — Start Your Own Business

The next week I was complaining to a friend about what we'd gone through. He had a friend in the auto business in California and he saw the life style his friend lived from the income he made from owing an automobile dealership. My friend told me of the incredible mark up some of the automobile dealers make on some of the autos they sell. (Let's face it; they don't build those beautiful dealership showrooms because they are making just a few bucks on each sale!!!) I decided to try to get an automobile dealership license here in Las Vegas and see if I could save some serious money on some automobiles I wanted to purchase. I thought I'd also help my close friends and family members get better deals if I got a dealership license. To make a long story short, I was successful at eventually getting a license. It took me over nine months and a lot of patience and money, but I finally did get it. At the second auction I attended I bought a current model year Suburban with all the options we wanted, that only had eight thousand miles on it for $27,000.00!!! It still had a FULL factory warranty on it. It was white in color and beautiful!!! I figured that I saved about eight to ten thousand dollars over what I could have bought it for in the local dealership on that one purchase alone!!! That was in 1997!!! Since that time I have bought THOUSANDS of autos for people and have saved them THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars over what they'd have paid in a show room dealer situation for the EXACT same automobile.

How it Works — Send Me to Work to Buy for You

Here is how it works!! On Thursday of each week I get the list of automobiles that go though the Greater Nevada Auto Auction here in Las Vegas. The auction is EVERY Friday. There are usually between 2,000 and 3,500 autos that are auctioned off each and every week here in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest auto auctions on the west coast. We have between 500 and 700 auto dealers that come for this auction EVERY week. They come from ALL the western states. I see dealers here from Utah, California, and as far away as Texas, Washington and Montana, EVERY week.

You simply come to our web site during on Thursdays at about noon. You can browse the COMPLETE list of cars that will be auctioned off that Friday right here at our web site, from the privacy of your own home!!! You pick out a few that you think sound like what it is you are looking for. You can call me with the information and I will give you the price that that type of automobile has sold for at the auction for the last few weeks. Friday morning I go to the auction and find vehicles that match your wants. I start them up and look them over thoroughly and then I will call you and describe them in detail to you. Then I go into the auction and attempt to make the purchase. If I am successful and buy it at or below the price you have chosen, you owe me $699.00 for my work (High end autos such as BMW's, a Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, etc. are $1,000.00), plus the price I paid for the auto from the auction. If I am not successful at purchasing it, it didn't cost you a dime!!! It is a "NO LOSE" situation for you.

Keep in mind; if you live in Nevada you will pay sales tax and a $28.25 title fee. You will receive a 30 day placard for the state of Nevada which will allow you 30 days before you have to register the vehicle at the DMV. If you are in any other state, you will pay a $28.25 "drive away permit" which will allow you 15 days to get the vehicle to any destination of your choosing. There is a $299.00 documentation fee, not the usual $400.00 or even $699.00 documentation fees that show room dealers charge. We do not charge any "dealer prep," "destination," "under coating" or any other phony baloney charges that other dealers use to fatten up their bottom line. It all comes out of your pocket. We don't do that. I charge you a flat fee of $699.00 (or $1,000.00 for high end autos) no matter what the price of the auto is.

Remember, you do not need to have cash in order to purchase an auto from us. We will and have worked with any bank, credit union or financial institution, in or out of our state. We will do ALL the paper work for you. All you have to do is give us the phone number and contact name of the person you are working with at the financial institution of your choosing, and we'll do the rest. I can get almost any make, model or year of automobile you want. However, I specialize in "like new", late model, and low miles automobiles that still have a FULL factory warranty on them!!! The large majority of these automobiles come from one of three sources. They are lease returns, rental car returns or repossessions. Most have FULL factory warranties that come with them at NO additional charge. These vehicles have not been wrecked, flooded or previously stolen. They are in EXCELLENT condition.

Bottom Line — Contact Information

I realize that I have told you a lot of information. I want you to know that this is not something that I "think" will work, or "want" to work. It is, and has been working since 1998.

You are on the web site. Please login and go to the list of autos that are available and pick out a couple. Call me at (702)457-3536 and we'll talk. I love what I do. When you call me, you will too.

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